Computer Basics

Basic elements of Windows 7 and the PC operating system, including using a mouse/keyboard; highlighting, copying, and pasting text; common menus, toolbars, and shortcuts; overview of software and storage media.

Practice: Mousercise

Microsoft Word - Basics

Basic to intermediate word processing using Microsoft Word, including using the ribbon; creating, saving, and printing documents; highlighting, copying, and pasting text; formatting lists; checking spelling and grammar; creating tables; applying headers and footers.

Microsoft Word - Advanced

Advanced Word skills including creating a newsletter; inserting WordArt, pictures, clip art, symbols, hyperlinks, URLs, footnotes, and page breaks; find and replace; formatting tabs and columns; tracking changes and inserting comments.

Prerequisites: Word 2010 class or experience using Word 2007 or 2010.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Beginner

Basic introduction to creating a slide presentation including using design templates; adding content, transitions and animations; saving and printing a presentation; viewing a presentation.

Prerequisites: Word 2010 class or experience using Word and/or Office 2007 or 2010.

Microsoft Excel - Beginner

Basic to intermediate functions of Excel, the spreadsheet and calculating program, including screen and worksheet elements; copying and pasting; using mathematical formulas and functions; creating graphs and charts; creating a basic monthly budget.

Prerequisites: Word 2010 class or experience using Microsoft Word and/or Office 2007 or 2010.

Microsoft Excel - Advanced

Advanced Excel skills not covered in the introductory class including advanced charts; filtering and subtotaling data; conditional formatting; concatenating text and splitting text into columns; adding comments and text boxes; using logic-based functions; printing worksheets with repeating header rows and columns.

Prerequisites: Excel 2010 class or experience using Microsoft Excel outside of class, including creating formulas and basic charts in Excel.

This is an advanced computer class.

Introduction to the Internet

Basic introduction to the Internet, including getting online by typing in web addresses; understanding basic terminology and buttons of the Google Chrome program; using search engines to find information and websites; evaluating websites and online information; using intermediate and advanced online tools and search features; ensuring online safety.

Introduction to Email

Learn the basics of using your email.  Topics include Understanding the pros and cons of email use. Create and access an email account. Practice composing and sending emails.  Learn how to attach documents as well as open attachments.

Cool Stuff at the Library

Explore all the neat databases and fun stuff you can get for free as a member of the library.

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