“Web 2.0” is a popular term these days, but what does it mean? In common usage, Web 2.0 refers to the current trend to make creative web sites which encourage information sharing and collaboration. Many call it a “second generation” of the web. Just a few years ago, most web sites were merely static pages of information. Today’s web is full of exciting and customizable content, such as Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. This new philosophy allows users to find and share information relevant to them, and to express themselves in cool new ways, such as blogs, photo diaries, Tweets and more. This evolution has been swift and is only growing. There is even already talk of Web 3.0!

Our library website has needed an update for a long time, and we knew harnessing some of the Web 2.0 functionalities was a must. Our patrons needed better access to materials, information and accounts. We knew we needed to change and we were going to need some help.

So we put our heads together to craft a new North Brunswick Library webpage that would be much more functional and useful. Not only does it have a great new look, but it has many wonderful features that we’d like to showcase for you. Here’s a brief overview:


We’re excited about these new functionalities and we hope you’ll join in on the fun. They provide a much more vibrant, personal and useful web experience. And in addition to being cool and fun, many of these web features will help us to work faster and more efficiently at tasks that we previously did by hand. Check them out and let us know what you think!