A listing of books, movies and music created just for you by our librarians.  Check back frequently to see if we’ve added anything new!

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New Booklists (Coming Soon)

  • Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month!
  • Memorial Day Reads (Military Reads)
  • Books About the Great Outdoors
  • The Rose Gardener
  • Reads that Celebrate BFF’s
  • Building a Better World
  • Book #1 in the Series
  • Undead and Well Read (Zombie Fiction)
  • Nazi Art Thefts

May Booklists

    • Kentucky Derby Reads



    • Learning About Islam



    • Books to Inspire Wanderlust 


    • Best Asian Cookbooks



April Booklists

    • Its Raining Cats and Dogs



    • Locked Room” Mysteries



    • Personal Essays that Should be Read



    • Spiritual Writings



    • No Longer Hidden Figures

March Booklists

    • Audiobooks Narrated by Celebrities



    • Monumental Reads



    • Steampunk


    • If You Liked…Hamilton



    • Body Positivity


    • Sports Stories for Fans of “30 for 30”

February Booklists

    • Short Classics 


    • Climate Change in Fiction


    • What You Can Do in a Year


    • What If? Alternative History

January Booklists

  • The Secret Life of the Amish


  • True Stories of Law and Order 


  • Real Life Heroes and Badder than Bad Villains